Frozen Newsletter 2018

1806 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 9th February 2018      

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Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Gourmet Fries 

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 –

After much delay we finally have production dates for these new products. I apologise to members for the delay in getting these items into Sterling packaging. We here at head office should have done a better job of keeping on top of this, there had been a lot of confusion as to whether items would share a generic back (like chips) or go with individual bags (like veg) and it caused a lot of back and forth.

Please see below the production dates for the new Sterling items:

Description Case Production February
Sterling Gourmet Fries Crispy Coated 3/8 4×2.25kg  Monday 12
Sterling Gourmet Fries Crispy Coated 7/7 4×2.25kg  Tuesday 13
Sterling Gourmet Fries Crispy Coated 14/14 4×2.25kg  Thursday 15
Sterling Gourmet Fries Crispy Coated 18/18 4×2.25kg  Thursday 15
Sterling Gourmet Fries Skin On Chips 14/14 4×2.25kg  Friday 16
Sterling Sweet Potato Fries  4×2.25kg  Friday 16

Pizza Plus

Chris Smith 07887 736419 effective 5th March 2017 attached.

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd – NPD Available To Order

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says: “I can confirm that these products have now been produced and will be available to order as of next week.


1000006164 Menu Signatures Staycrisp Medium Skin On  4x 2.5kg
1000006163 Menu Signatures Staycrisp Julienne Skin On  4x 2.5kg

The promotion will run from 1st March-30th June on the two new products with a retro of £3.35 per case as already communicated.”


KK Fine Foods

Have written to each member individually to notify of a cost price increase effective March 16th 2018


1805 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  2nd February 2018      


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 has sent a revised price. It has some ‘reductions’ from a previous version and a ‘layers’ price added for the new own label ciabatta.

Lutosa UK Ltd – New and Improved Foodservice Crunchy Hash Browns

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 Says “We are pleased to announce the introduction of NEW and IMPROVED Crunchy Hash Browns. We have worked on a new recipe formulation that delivers an even crispier, crunchier product with a delicious golden brown colour.  New Crunchy Hash Browns are prepared in healthier option Sunflower Oil. This is in line with the general strategy in our business to move to sunflower oil. The new Hash Browns are very similar in dimension to the original product, whilst being slightly thicker to give a better bite. Piece weight is now 46g.

We will be making the transition from the old product to the new sunflower Crunchy Hash Browns over the next few months.

Product Pack size Product code Palletisation
Crunchy Hash Browns 4×2.5Kg 1033419-61 80 cases/pallet

1804 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 26th January 2018      

The intranet site is located at:


CDT Sidoli (Welshpool) Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Sponge Puddings

Gilly Barber M. 07710 982011 says that they are on track with the packaging for the re-launch of Sterling branded Sponge Puddings due on 1st March 2018 they will in fact have packed stock for deliveries w/c 26th Feb. Gilly has managed to get a 10% off Sponge Puddings at the Spring Show as a “launch deal”.

Quick Fill / Longday Foods – Terms withdrawal 2018

Nick Ferrey M. 07768 511499 says: “With rising raw material  prices and a resistance to price increases and hampered by a weak exchange rate for both the Euro and dollar, trading in 2017 was at best, extremely difficult. As a consequence our margins have been hit hard and in order to claw back some back I will not be able to offer Sterling Group 1.5% of members turn over for 2018.

I will however, not seek price increases for the first two quarters of this year and will review again at the beginning of July.

I will of course still support Sterling members regarding promotional activity and trade show support.”

Havelok Ltd – Breaded Plaice Fillets Update 25/01/2018:

John Blewett M. 07712 522111 says: “As per our December newsletter we highlighted supply issues for Plaice fillets. The situation has not eased due to poor catches. This has impacted prices by a further 25% rise since December 2017.

Prices have increased over 80% in 6 months.

North Sea boats continue to focus on catching Cod for the retail market place and the small amount of Plaice being landed is bypassing Foodservice processors and being processed by retail suppliers who pay 25-30% more for the raw material.

When the new season starts in April we may see a change in supply and prices but until then we expect Plaice to continue to be in finite supply.

We will endeavour to secure raw material when possible and may need to review prices accordingly but we will keep you updated of any required changes and timescales. It would be advisable to speak with end users to increase prices and advise of global Plaice supply issues as we see no change in the foreseeable future.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.”


1803 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 19th January 2018      

CDT Sidoli (Welshpool) Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Sponge Puddings

We have taken the decision to return to Sidoli for our own label sponge puddings partly due to MOC choosing to opt out of own label production but also due to falling levels of purchasing of the range since the move away for Sidoli which we believe is due to the inferior quality of the MOC product. The price comes into effect from 1st March and is unfortunately a significant increase on current pricing, however MOC were even higher for their branded product. Sidoli have agreed to one promotion in October – at a 10% reduction.

Lamb Weston / Meijer vof

Luke Vulgar M. 07973137555  Email: says: “Unfortunately we have had operational production issues on the chopped and formed lines in the factory – this includes hash browns, rostis, croquettes, duchess, tater babies and noisettes (Mini hash brown rounds, mini triangles and potato puffs are not affected at this stage whilst we still have stock available).

Therefore we are currently unable to supply these products.

This is likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future i.e. weeks and possibly months. As soon as we have more information on a more regular supply we will notify you. In the meantime we will communicate with the members

We apologise for the great inconvenience this will cause you and the fact that we have not informed you sooner but this issue has only just come to light.”

Central Foods –  Sterling Terms – Great British Pudding Co

Oli Sampson M. 07715 073 273 says: “It is with much regret that I am to inform you that the manufactures of The Great British Pudding brand have removed all commercial support for 2018, as a result this means we will no longer be able to support an Over-Rider agreement with Sterling Supergroup on this product range.”

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says: “The Original Choice products are filtering through with a new recipe from February.  The expected current stocks are expected to run our as per the dates below:”

Material Description Stock On Hand Days Cover based on forecast Calendar date
45106 OC THIN CUT 4X2.27KG 9,013 30 7th February
45101 OC BEEFEATER 4X2.27KG 17,195 30 7th February
45056 OC THICK CUT 4X2.27KG 64,877 38 15th February
45108 OC MEDIUM CUT 4X2.27KG 8,563 38 15th February

Délifrance (UK) Ltd

Lucy Rios Robert M. 07775 800297 Please see attached an update for the new delivery paperwork. Please direct any queries to


1802 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 12th January 2018      

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Speciality Chips

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – says: “Can you pass the message below to all Sterling-members?

The prices for our Marquise references are spot-prices which need to be re-evaluated continually. We’ve adapted our prices as follow; loading from 01.01.2018 until 30.04.2018:”

Invoice prices Mainland UK and Dublin area in £/kg 01.01.2018 – 30.04.2018
Article nr Reference Clarebout DAP per FTL 24 PAL DAP per HTL (12 PAL) DAP per HTL (6pal)
6192 Marquise Gastro PF 10/10 4×2,5Kg 0,540 0,557 0,574
6193 Marquise Gastro PF 11/11 4×2,5Kg 0,540 0,557 0,574
6197 Marquise PF 10/20 4×2,5Kg 0,540 0,557 0,574
6210 Marquise Gastro PF 7/7 4×2,5Kg 0,562 0,579 0,596
6194 Marquise Gastro PF 14/14 4×2,5Kg 0,540 0,557 0,574
6301 Am.Style PF 7/7 12x750G 0,511 0,528 0,545
6404 Marquise SAUT  7mm 4×2,5Kg 0,621 0,638 0,655
6470 Marquise SAUT  7mm 10x1Kg 0,643 0,66 0,677
6242 Marquise Roast Potatoes 4×2,5kg 0,584 0,601 0,618
6312 Marquise Rosti 4×2,5Kg 0,822 0,839 0,856
6313 Marquise WEDG 1/6 SkOn 4×2,5Kg 0,551 0,568 0,585
6281 Marquise WE 1/8 SkOn Spicy 4×2,5Kg 0,639 0,656 0,673


Reminder of the February Promotion on Clarebout Specialities

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – says:

Please find below the prices of our own labelled range called ‘Chef’s Excellence’:

  • The below prices are applicable for the next 6 months and are applicable for MAINLAND UK + Dublin area (loading as from 01.10.2017 up to and including 31.03.2018)

o        For 5 months, the normal/standard price will be applicable:

                    01.10.2017-21.01.2018 (=loading date)

01.03.2018-31.03.2018 (=loading date)

o        A promotional price will be applicable during the month FEBRUARY 2018: loading as from 22.01.2018 up to and including 28.02.2018

  • Would it be possible to ask your members to provide us a forecast for the next 6 months?

o        For the promotional period, during the month February, would it be possible to give us a good indication/forecast for the first 2 weeks? At the beginning of February we can then have a look at the real demand/rotations and adapt our production for the remaining weeks of the promotional period.

For HTL (12pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices (FTL 24 PAL)

For HTL (6pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices for HTL (HTL 12 PAL)

Product description A B
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 7/7 4×2,5kg 0,636 0,585
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 3/8 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 7/16 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 9/16 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries Steak 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 7/7 4×2,5kg 0,743 0,684
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 3/8 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries 9/9 SKIN ON 4×2,5kg 0,713 0,657
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 9/16 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL Steak 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Criss Cross Fries 4×2,5kg 0,899 0,827
Chef’s Excellence Criss Cross Fries 12x750g 0,926 0,852
Chef’s Excellence Dipper Fries (uncoated) 4×2,5kg 0,739 0,680
Chef’s Excellence Herb Coated Dipper Fries 12x750g 0,854 0,786
Chef’s Excellence Sweet Potato Fries 4×2,5kg 1,980 1,822
Chef’s Excellence Sweet Potato Fries 14x750g 2,007 1,846
Chef’s Excellence Curly Fries 4×2,5kg 0,961 0,884
Chef’s Excellence Curly Fries 10x750g 0,988 0,909
Chef’s Excellence Double Battered Wedges 4×2,5kg 0,819 0,753
Chef’s Excellence Seasoned Crispy Cubes 4×2,5kg 0,672 0,618
 =  NET price DAP £/kg per FTL (24 PAL) MAINLAND UK + Dublin area Availability:

– 01.10.2017-21.01.2018 (=loading date)

– 01.03.2018-31.03.2018 (=loading date)

 =  Promotional NET price DAP £/kg per FTL (24 PAL) MAINLAND UK + Dublin area. Availability:

– 22.01.2018-28.02.2018 (=loading date)



McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says: “Please see information below about a number of de-lists:

Code Product Description Stock expected to run out
45105 Original Choice crinkle cut 10th March
48256 Original Choice Pepperoni Pizza Grande 5th May
45094 Menu Signatures Cheddar Stuffed Jalapeno July
45096 Menu Signatures Red Hot Jalapeno August

Members will be notified individually and a formal letter will be sent.”


Havelok Ltd

Clive Simons M. 07921399613 has sent through Jan 2018 IQF prices.

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Ciabatta

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 would like member to note the new code – 210096 for ordering the own label Ciabatta – members have been using the old code and getting the Schulstad brand and price.  Price list attached.

Kara  – 2018 Spring Cake Prices

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 brochure attached.


Site  Category F Code Description Case Size Invoice Pricing
Lightbody Round Cake Unsliced F03637 Chocolate Celebration Cake 1 £6.35
Lightbody Round Cake Unsliced F03638 Sponge Confetti Celebration Cake 1 £5.90
Johnstones Traybake F03639 Strawberry Rocky Road 3×5 (15) £9.45
Johnstones Traybake F03640 Pretzel Brownie 3×5 (15) £6.40
Memory Lane 9 inch sliced F03641 Lemon & Raspberry Meringue 1 £13.40
Memory Lane 10 inch sliced F03642 Strawberry Raspberry Sensation 1 £10.90


1801 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 5th January 2018      

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Speciality Chips

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 –

The new own label speciality Gourmet Fries will be available end of January. Valerie says that she will keep us informed on an exact date once she knows.

Délifrance (UK) Ltd

Lucy Rios Robert M. 07775 800297 says “Due to the continued pressures within the butter market pricing since our last discussions in the summer, butter continued to rise at a rapid rate, peaking at almost 7000€/T. We are therefore in a position where we do require a further increase. Please see the attached line by line detailing the price increases”


Jacksons Bakery

Members have received letters letting them know that Jacksons will no longer supply.  Does anyone have any ideas from whom to source decent quality breads in the meantime?

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