Ambient Newsletter 2018

1806 Newsletter Dry Goods  –  9th February  2018

The intranet site is located at:

Amendments to promotion 3

AG Barr amended price on KA PMP @ £1.69 not £1.79 updated offer attached

Nestle have added Nescafe Original 3x1kg to P3 details attached

Amendments to promotion 4

Ross Brown of Premier has made a mistake with his submission for promotion 4 the prices on the sheet were incorrect. Correct offer attached.

Pritchitts – A Lakeland Dairies Company – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Butter

Paul Underwood 0208 290 7012 under pressure Paul has submitted slightly lower pricing, details attached.

This offer is still not as good as some that have been in the marketplace from people like Muller who have been out offering £40 per case – though I am told that it is very hard to get hold of any from them! I was also told by Castle Dairies & by Fayrefield that raw material cost of butter had “stiffened up” by around £200 per tonne in the past few days.  Castle declined to offer a reduction.

Current Prices Current Prices
10th Jan 18 22nd Jan 18 13th Feb 18
Castle Dairies Pritchitts Pritchitts
£45.05 £44.64 £41.79
£46.02 £45.71 £42.76
£22.75* £22.45 £20.56
£22.74 £22.50* £21.04*
£23.24 £23.06* £21.58*
* Pro rated
5×100 @ £18.96
*Packers Brand *Packers Brand

SPL Foods Ltd  – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Herbs & Spices

Graham Knight M. 07768 613 618. This is another line that has been somewhat slow getting all of the own label packaging in place. All of the labels are now printed and Graham has shared with us the production schedule for when lines will be packed and available:

Product Start Production End Production
Peppers 12/02/2018 15/02/2018
Herbs 15/02/2018 20/02/2018
Mixes (Curry, Cajun etc) 20/02/2018 23/02/2018
Spices 23/02/2018 27/02/2018
Bakery 12/02/2018 14/02/2018

Attached is a full price list of all the products that will be packed in Sterling Caterers Essentials from SPL. Also attached is their list of other Herbs & Spice items that will be available in Lion Brand.


AAK – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Sterling MUST be specified when ordering

Sarah Bingham M. 07769 266564 says: “Just to flag that we have had several instances where some of our group customers place an order but do not specify it as Lion or Sterling Own Label which is causing us issues when Customer Services process the orders, as Customer Services may not be aware of which group each of the individual wholesalers we trade with are associated with. If a wholesaler asks for Mint Sauce we would usually make the assumption to send in Lion (our main brand) and this then leads to additional costs & admin because the customer tries to claim back the difference if they indeed wanted own label.

We need to make sure all members are aware of the process from now on, to avoid any confusion and reduce unnecessary credit claims, please can you therefore highlight this as an issue on the weekly newsletter, as ongoing we will not be able to process any credit claims where a customer has not specified what brand they actually require on their order sheet. Member must either use the correct code or state Sterling Mint Sauce etc. Most members are very good at highlighting this but there are the odd few who do not make it clear.” Price list attached with codes.


Kellogg Marketing and Sales Company

Kellogg – Mike Astley M. 07935 517 050 E.

Mike has sent through Kellogg’s revised Cost Sector Allowance terms, these terms are available to any member with customers who are eligible. Details attached.

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday.

1805 Newsletter Dry Goods  – 2nd February  2018         

The intranet site is located at:

FWD  – Federation of Wholesale Distributors
T. 01323 724952  Update & January activity attached.

Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd

Erica Pritchard M. 07825 854261 says: “I am writing to advise we are looking to drive sales volumes for the last couple of months of our financial year, so we are offering the below incentives to reward your members for their support.

The below discounts are available on orders invoiced and delivered before 30th March 2018 and for full pallet quantities (75 cases per pallet)

We will issue credit notes on the eligible order numbers so we can honour the pricing below. Attached.

Standard Cost Promotional Info
Product Code Product Description Case Size Unit Size Case Unit Cost Unit Discount
HK114/601/10000212 Bechamel with Butter 12 x 1 1ltr £35.74  £2.98 £28.59  £2.38 20.0%
HK102/601/ 10000205 Hollandaise Sauce 12 x 1 1ltr £36.71  £3.06 £29.37  £2.45 20.0%
HK143/601/ 10000219 Cheddar Cheese Sauce 12 x 1 1ltr £38.51  £3.21 £30.81  £2.57 20.0%
HK126/601/ 10000217 Red Wine Sauce 12 x 1 1ltr £41.01  £3.42 £31.99  £2.67 20.0%
GP105/601/10000139 Glendelight 12 x 1 1ltr £24.65  £2.05 £22.19  £1.85 10.0%
HK105/601/ 10000207 White Wine Sauce 12 x 1 1ltr £38.20  £3.18 £30.56  £2.55 20.0%

Please can we ask this information be passed to direct trading members so they are able to take advantage of the discounts before the end of March 18.”

2018 Fuel Oil Market Report


Nestlé Professional UK Ltd          

Malcolm Doy M. 07979 695566 says: “It has been brought to my attention that the EDLP on Confec and 750g Nescafe hasn’t been activated in our system for January resulting in the members not getting the discount on these lines off their invoices.”

Malcolm submitted a report to Jodie and she has put in a claim for this over charge. If you would like to check the amount submitted on your behalf contact Jodie.

Westmill Foods – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Vegetable Oil

Dancia Sivasothy DD: 020 8345 8162

February Price List Attached.

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday 5th Feb.

1804 Newsletter Dry Goods – 26th January  2018         

JDS Foods Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Yellow Fats

Christopher Snelling M. 07887 550700 has confirmed a 2-month own label promotion to start 1st February until 31st March 2018.

Product Promotional price This represents an £18.7% reduction on normal pricing.
Sterling Buttery Spread 6x2kg Invoice price £11.10 per case.

Cost per tub £1.85.

Obviously this is short notice but the offer is available.

Fayrefield Foods

Rod Allsworth M. 07920 536959 has sent across a new Fayrefield price list effective 29th January 2018.

Unilever Food Solutions

Nick Williams M. 07767830487 says “Please find attached a short Presentation for Pure Leaf Tea which is a new Up Market Tea we are now selling. Any member who is interested should contact their local Unilever Food Solutions Rep. Also, please note we are making pack changes to the normal PG Black Tea range which will start to happen from the 1st April. This pack change brings us in line with our competitors, details attached

KTC Edibles Ltd  – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Vegetable Oil

Mark Simpson M. 07710  887181 warns that coconut prices will be shooting up, apparently due to a volcano in the Philippines :

Attached are Feb cooking oil prices. (same as January prices)


Kellogg Marketing and Sales Company

Kellogg – Mike Astley M. 07935 517 050 E.

Mike has sent through a presentation on their Pringles NPD details attached, Mike has put these products on offer in Catering promotion 4.

Nestlé Confectionery -Growth payment

Malcolm Doy M. 07979 695566 as you will know there is a 3% payment for growth available to the group. Unfortunately as a group were not in growth. We have however managed to agree with Malcolm that the individual members that were in growth will receive a payout of 2% of their 2017 turnover. I can supply members with their individual turnover if you need it.


Nestlé Professional UK Ltd          

Malcolm Doy M. 07979 695566 says: “Please find below the latest update as to change over dates for the confectionery pack sizes.  I will be getting these on a weekly basis.”

12278388 KIT KAT 4 Finger 48×41.5g XB 12351222 KIT KAT 4 Finger Milk 24×41.5g XB Wk 5 48 -> 24
12260788 KIT KAT CHUNKY 48x40g XB 12354501 KIT KAT CHUNKY Milk 24x40g N1 XB Wk 5 48 -> 24
12267036 AERO Bubbly Bar Milk 36x36g XB 12351360 AERO Bubbly Bar Milk 24x36g XB Wk 7 36 -> 24
12337614 AERO Bubbly Bar Peppermint 36x36g N1 XB 12351224 AERO Bubbly Bar Peppermint 24x36g XB Wk 7 36 -> 24
12295212 POLO Spearmint Tube 48x34g N2 XB 12340364 POLO Spearmint Tube 32x34g XB Wk 7 48 -> 32
12295272 POLO Sugar Free Tube 48×33.4gN2 XB 12357471 POLO Sugar Free Tube 32×33.4g XB Wk 7 48 -> 32
12295273 POLO Tube 48×34.0g N2 XB 12357472 POLO Tube 32×34.0g XB Wk 7 48 -> 32
12232053 ROWNTREES F PSTL Tb 48×52.5g N5 XB 12351538 ROWNTREES FRUIT PASTILLES Tb 32×52.5gXB Wk 7 48 -> 32
12261057 TOFFEE CRISP 48x38g XB 12351298 TOFFEE CRISP 24x38g XB Wk 7 48 -> 24
12255425 YORKIE Milk 36x46g XB 12351299 YORKIE Milk 24x46g XB Wk 7 36 -> 24
12255422 YORKIE Raisin & Biscuit 36x44g XB 12360869 YORKIE Raisin & Biscuit 24x44g XB Wk 7 36 -> 24
12295538 POLO Extra Strong SugarFreeTb48x33.4g XB 12340334 POLO Extra Strong SgrFree Tb 32×33.4g XB Wk 7 48 -> 32
12267039 AERO BUBBLES Milk Pouch Bag 12x113g N1XB 12350880 AERO BUBBLES Milk Pouch Bag 8x102g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12279019 AERO BUBBLES Pmnt Pch Bg 12x113g N2 XB 12350849 AERO BUBBLES Pmnt Pch Bg 8x102g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12342536 MILKYBAR BUTTONS Giant Pouch 12x108g GB 12351025 MILKYBAR Pouch Bag 8x103g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12343277 MUNCHIES Pouch Bag 12x113g XB 12350848 MUNCHIES Pouch Bag 8x104g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12173270 ROLO Pouch Bag 12x126g XB 12350887 ROLO Pouch Bag 8x116g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12295537 NESTLE Mixed Assortment 12x107g XB 12350885 NESTLE Pick & Mix 8x104g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8
12202269 YORKIE Man Size Buttons 12x120g XB 12350886 YORKIE Pouch Bag 8x110g XB Wk 13 12 -> 8



Federation of Wholesale Distributors – FWD Criminal Intelligence Database

David Visick M. 07921 020047 :

To improve our reaction to crimes against wholesalers, we have moved the FWD criminal Intelligence database to a closed What’s App group. Previously members sent emails of crime and suspicious activity around their premises and vehicles to FWD on email and we circulated the data to all our security contacts. The What’s App group cuts out the crucial delay in sharing intelligence, and hugely increases our ability to identify active criminals. It’s been operating for a week with just a few participants and we have already shared cctv images of a vehicle which has been involved in attempted thefts at three different members’ premises.

We’re inviting other members and buying group members to join the group. Your representatives will need What’s App on their phone, and must email their telephone number from a FWD member email address. I will then add them to the group. (All Sterling Members are new FWD members)

We are sharing intelligence on successful and attempted incidents of:

  • Theft and robbery from customers on members premises
  • Theft (shoplifting) and burglary from members premises
  • Theft and robbery from vehicles in transit
  • Suspicious activity e.g. vehicles/individuals watching movement in C&C car parks, delivery vehicles being followed
  • Card fraud and diversion fraud (identity fraud)

We’ve chosen What’s App as our online platform because it is end-to-end encrypted and very secure and most members therefore allow their teams to download it onto their company smartphones.

Please note that as this is a collaborative FWD initiative we hope all participants will contribute intelligence as well as receive it, and we’ll review the membership of companies that don’t add to the database.

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday.


1803 Newsletter Dry Goods  – 19th  January  2018         


Pritchitts – A Lakeland Dairies Company – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Butter

Paul Underwood 0208 290 7012 new reduced pricing that comes into effect on orders placed on or after 22nd January 2018 attached.


Butter Comparison Current Prices
Invoice Prices 10th Jan 18 15 Jan 18 22 Jan 18
Product Description Pack Size Castle Dairies Pritchitts Pritchitts
Salted Butter 40x250g £45.05 £47.96 £44.64
Unsalted Butter 40x250g £46.02 £48.98 £45.71
Butter Portions Size 7’s 6x100x7’s £22.75 £23.21 £22.45
Salted Butter 20x250g £22.74 £24.13 £22.50
Unsalted Butter 20x250g £23.24 £24.73 £23.06
“* pro-rated 5×100 @ £18.96” *Packers Brand *Packers Brand

Mulrines – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Orange Juice 

Colm Doogan M. 00353 872267185  T. 00353 749189805 tells us that they now have the packaging in stock and are ready to take orders for deliveries w/c 29th January 2018.

Multiple Marketing Ltd  – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Apple Juice 

Razin Ali M. 07917 226 010 E. Office Direct Dial: 020 7326 7623 tells me that they have the packaging in stock and have already been supplying members with Sterling Caterers Essentials Branded Apple Juice.

Princes Limited Orange & Apple Juice

Dave Edwards M. 07976 810972 says: “The current stock levels are as below

Orange   1688  cases  Apple  82 cases

It appears for reasons unknown to myself that orders have recently dried up. Obviously I would want to deliver the stock within the membership without mortgaging the Mulrines volumes but can’t see how this is possible. Could you identify any account who may take some volume if I can get a reduced cost or some other mechanic that we could utilise.”

One member is currently seeing if they can come to agreement with Dave to take this residual stock. Otherwise I may have to ask members to chip in.

Nestlé Professional UK Ltd – MAGGI Rich&Rustic Tomato Sauce 6x3kg          

Malcolm Doy M. 07979 695566 says “In our continuous effort to cut unnecessary costs, a few changes have been made to the current MAGGI Rich & Rustic Tomato sauce 6x3kg  tins which require a hard changeover for the 3KG tins only. Based on current demand, the change should happen week 6 2018 (4th February).

The change to the 3KG tins is:

  • Re-palletisation, adding an extra layer to the pallet to improve efficiencies in transport

This change requires a change of line code:

Line Code Description
12165531 MAGGI Rich&Rustic Tomato Sauce 6x3kg GB (current product)
12341796 MAGGI Rich&Rustic Tomato Sauce 6x3kg N1GB (New Product)

  Pallet Details – 12341796

EA per Case 6
EA per Layer 42
EA per Pallet 252
Cases Per Layer 7
Layers Per Pallet 6
Cases Per Pallet 42

Regarding the 800g tins, we are changing the following:

  • Removal of “easy open” ring pull which wasn’t necessary to our customers as they were not allowing their employees to use this system anyway because it was perceived as more dangerous than the traditional cap opener.

This change doesn’t involve any line code change and therefore is only for your information.

Please note that the recipe remains the exact same.”

SPL Foods Ltd

Graham Knight M. 07768 613 618 says: “Please find attached new price list as of 1st Feb 2018”

  1. H. Amar & Co. Ltd.

Karen Williams M. 07881 266065 says: “Please find attached some price changes due to be implemented as of 5th march 2018. These are due to further pressures on Sterling vs euro along with some raw material costs and also inflationary pressures on other input costs including packaging, energy, freight, and labour.”

Wallacecameron International – First Aid   

Helen Watson says : “Regarding the changeover of Wrap Film (First Aid Supplies) to Wallace Cameron. Please find our downloadable catalogue with all products. For prices see attached 2018 price list or please contact me on Tel: 01290 426330 Or you can always get me at this email address. Catalogue:

Cleenol Group Ltd 

Philip Alsworth M. 07971 150202 January 2018 price list attached.

Herald Plastic Ltd – Overrider Withdrawal

David Martin M. 07500 799239 says: “We have made the decision to withdraw from this group with immediate effect; all price quotations are cancelled as from the date of this letter (15th Jan 2018).

This decision has been made due to the markets being in a volatile position with exchange rates changing prices daily and this has meant we have had to look at our own pricing with careful deliberation.

We have come to the conclusion that it is not beneficial for us as a business to continue with the contract under the same conditions, when we are facing ever decreasing margins.”

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday.


1802 Newsletter Dry Goods  – 12th January  2018         

Spring Show – Nottingham

Will members that have not done so already please confirm with Kerry your attendance at the Spring Show?

As I have stated before these events are only successful with your presence and we need to ensure that as many as possible members attend the show.

We only have a limited number of bedrooms so if you plan to stay overnight (we will be holding a dinner for members & suppliers the night before) please let Kerry know ASAP

Middleton Food Products – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Dry Mixes

Paul Stanley M. 07786 266266 has agreed to delay implementation of the price increase on Sterling Branded items until 1st March 2018. He has also agreed to review pricing again as the high egg and butter prices that are the drivers of this increase are temporary. We are also starting the process of redesigning the packaging to better reflect our brand design.


Pritchitts – A Lakeland Dairies Company – O/R Change to 2%

Paul Underwood 0208 290 7012 Paul & I have agreed to harmonise the Lakeland Pritchitts Terms for 2018 to a 2% across the board on all ranges. Currently we have 2% for Butter, 1% for Ice Cream and 4% for all other products, these terms had all happened historically for various reasons. This change makes administration on their side much easier. To compensate for the 2% reduction on the terms, from orders placed on or after the 5th February Paul has reduced the cost price by 2% and is moving everyone on to what had been the 4 pallet price for minimum order, going forwards there will not be different tiers as hardly any members utilised this. Paul did say that if you have a FCL order please talk to them. Price list attached.

Pritchitts – A Lakeland Dairies Company – Milk Pots 

Paul Underwood 0208 290 7012 will continue with the rebate on milk pots for 2018, with a slight tweak rebate will be:

Current New
£0.25 per case of 120 £0.30 per case of 120
additional £0.10 for 5% growth additional £0.05 for 5% growth

Dairy reductions already sent via email earlier in the week.

Castle Dairies Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Butter

Norman Bolton M. 07977 284007 Attached 10th January 2018.


Extons Foods Ltd Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Grated Cheese

Rachael Exton   M: 07739 983908  Grated Cheese price attached. Sliced cheese prices also attached.

FJ Need (Foods) Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Block Cheese & Grated Cheese

Dawn Storey M. 07801 126613 Attached Block and Grated 8th January 2018.

Fayrefield Foods – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Block Cheese

Rod Allsworth M. 07920 536959 Attached 15th January 2018.


Pritchitts – Lakeland Dairies – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Butter

Paul Underwood 0208 290 7012 Attached 15th January 2018.


Colm Doogan M. 00353 872267185  T. 00353 749189805

2018 price list attached.


Diversey – Price increase July 2018

Martin Mann M. 07967 694646 says: “Diversey continues to see sustained cost increases in raw materials & finished goods, both from those imported & those which are sourced and manufactured in the UK.

In consequence we are implementing a 3% price increase as from 1st July 2018.

We will continue to absorb further increases relating to labour, regulatory costs, transportation & packaging for the remainder of 2018.

Can you please inform the Sterling Group Members, so that they can take advantage of the extended notice period & plan to buy in stock ahead of the increase if they require.”

Cofresco Foodservice – Formerly Wrapfilm Systems

Ben Correia M. 07985 993853 says: “We are advising you of our company name change from Wrap Film Systems Limited to Cofresco Operations, Division of Melitta UK Limited, we need to advise that all invoices raised in 2018 must be to the new company name. Any invoices raised in 2018 using the name Wrap Film Systems Limited will need to be resent under the new name.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, however please check your outstanding invoices to be sure any affected invoices are changed accordingly thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays in payment.”


Cofresco Foodservice – Formerly Wrapfilm Systems

Ben Correia M. 07985 993853 2018 price list attached.

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday.

Mark Okeefe says: “New for 2018, we have launched 3 new Sterling Bacon Products. This consists of a 2kg Unsmoked and Smoked Standard pack and a 2kg Unsmoked Prime Bacon pack containing average 36rashers which gives a target rasher thickness of 4.3mm. These have been developed to achieve a thicker rasher enabling us to offer a Sterling Bacon pack to challenge Bacon products offered elsewhere in the Market. Another benefit to these new products is that the 4 x 2kg case weight keeps the overall total case cost lower than the standard 4 x 2.27Kg.”

1801 Newsletter Dry Goods  –  5th January  2018         

Happy New Year

If I could take a moment to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2018! I do hope that you all had a very busy holiday period.

The start of 2018 sees the launch of the “Super Six” promotional offers that are in addition to the normal promotional offers we have every month. As discussed at some length at the AGM this is a way that the board and buying team feel Daniel can further add to members buying power. Obviously the more support that is received for these deals the easier it will be for Daniel to secure further offers in the future. If you have not already done so I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to review the six products on offer and see if you could support some or all of the deals.

Currently on the system are January, February & March offers.

2017 Marketing Monies 

As in previous years I have listed in the attached document the suppliers that have some sort of mention of marketing monies on the Overrider Agreements held here at HO. A quick tally up of the percentages on the page (if all members participate) the total is well over £200,000 available for members to collect.

Members MUST contact the suppliers listed and agree how, if you qualify, this money is to be spent. This is largely the same document as last year, if you did not put things in place last year – this is the time to ensure that you have them in place and agreed for 2018, so that when I remind you in 2019 there will be funds for you to collect!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any question on this.

It is best to not wait until the end of the year, there is little to be gained from “banging in” an invoice for 2017 if you did not previously individually agree how to proceed.

Please note that these are current 2017 terms (unless otherwise stated) we have yet to agree most of the 2018 terms though in all likelihood many of them will remain as stated.

Mulrines – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Orange Juice 

Colm Doogan M. 00353 872267185  T. 00353 749189805

We had hoped to have launched the Sterling own label orange juice on 1st Jan 2018 however we have had a few problems with getting packaging ready. Colm says “We hope to receive packaging W/C 22nd Jan, can you inform all member that the Orange own label will be available for ordering then, and we will however offer Kulana Orange at the same price until then.” Price list attached.

Princes – Orange & Apple Juice

Dave tells me that they do still have around 1800 cases of Sterling own label Orange on hand and only have around 100 case of apple left. I had allowed them to pack another run of Orange Juice last month when I realised that we were unlikely to meet the Jan 1st deadline. I would appreciate it if members were to do their best to clear this stock. Dave had indicated to me that if he had surplus stock he would offer it at our new lower rate, he is aware that the new own label branding is not yet available – while I have not told him the new cost it may be worth trying this especially if you were considering taking in Kulana in the interim.

Multiple Marketing Ltd  – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Apple Juice 

Razin Ali M. 07917 226 010 E. Office Direct Dial: 020 7326 7623 says: “I’m sorry we can’t supply under our own brand at the own label price, however, members should be able to order from Monday the 8th, I’ll keep you posted” Price list attached.

Active Brand Concepts Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chemicals 

James Sharpe M. 07807 259729 says that “We are looking to launch the Sterling range after the 22nd of January. Can you communicate this to your members for them to place orders in preparation to receive deliveries after this date?” Price list & credit application attached.

FJ Need (Foods) Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Grated Cheese

Dawn Storey M. 07801 126613 Please see attached prices for deliveries from of the 8th January 2018.

Mondelēz International – AFH Cheese & Grocery

Darren Smith M. 07977249780 email. I am aware that very few of you still have a direct account with Mondelēz however Darren says: “Just to confirm pricing for your members from 1st Feb 2018. I have introduced an EDLP for the whole year (pricing below) this will allow your members to have a fixed price.

Philadelphia 1.65kg Regular         £37.60

Philadelphia Portions Regular       £33.17

Philadelphia 10kg Regular £43.03

Princes Limited – Price Increase

Dave Edwards M. 07976 810972 says:  “I’m sure you are aware of the challenging market conditions in which we operate that continue to impact costs across several categories.  As our costs continue to rise due to input materials and currency, our current pricing is no longer sustainable. Unfortunately, in light of this, we will be increasing the invoice price on the attached products”

Wrapfilm / Wallace Cameron – First Aid Supplies

Helen Watson says : “Regarding the changeover of Wrap Film (First Aid Supplies) to Wallace Cameron. Please find our downloadable catalogue with all products. For all prices please contact me on Tel: 01290 426330 Or you can always get me at this email address. Catalogue:

PepsiCo UK & Ireland – Walkers

David Howells M.07825 852 730 says: “I picked up the communication below this evening concerning supply issues with Bacon Fries, Scampi Fries & Cheese Moments and thought I ought to let you know straightaway as this will affect our supply of these products to some of your members.

We regret to inform you that we are experiencing difficulty with the short term supply of our Smiths Savoury selection range.

The products affected are Bacon Fries, Scampi Fries and Cheesy Moments. Cheesy moments are out of stock with immediate effect and Bacon Fries, Smith Savoury Selection and Scampi Fries will be unavailable from dates in January (details below)

We have recently commissioned new lines to produce these products which unfortunately have experienced start up issues meaning we are not able to produce any of the range in the short term.  We are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible but regrettably the affected products are unlikely to be available until March 2018.

We will keep you fully informed of progress on this and your account team will be in touch to understand the impact for you, and work with you on providing alternative options. We sincerely apologise for these shortages and the impact upon your business.”

Impacted lines detail

Item Description Format Run Out Date Estimated Re-Supply Date
13303 BACON FRIES CARD 24G (24) Cards 25/01/2018 06/03/2018
13468 SMITH 6PK SAVOURY SELECTION Cases 23/01/2018 06/03/2018
14903 SCAMPI FRIES CARD 27G Cases 03/01/2018 06/03/2018
15001 CHEESY MOMENTS Cases 19/12/2017 12/04/2018

  1. H. Amar & Co. Ltd. –  NPD

Karen Williams M. 07881 266065 says: “Please find details on the New C&C Premium Mango Chutney available to order now. Can you send details out to the members and advise that a Launch promotion is available on request, it’s a great quality product at a great price.”

Burts Potato Chips – Withdrawing from Overrider Terms for 2018

Kevin Talbot  says: “Please accept this letter as official confirmation that BURTS POTATO CHIPS will be withdrawing the central marketing/ORD support for Sterling group in 2018. All over riders and terms will be honoured to the end of this year. We find it very difficult to tie in central promotional activity due to the different needs and commitments of the members we deal with and, we feel this investment can be used more appropriately to serve the members directly. Trade events for us seem only to be an order collecting service for existing members and because we are perceived as a regional brand by many, potential new customers are reluctant to commit to listing our products.”

Karro Food Group – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Bacon

Attached are prices for week commencing Monday 8th Jan.

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