Strength Through Co-operation

Founded in 1966, the Sterling Supergroup is a true members’ buying co-operative, with 36 wholesalers and an annual turnover in excess of £450 million. The membership consists of family owned wholesale companies located throughout the United Kingdom, supplying thousands of catering outlets.
Product ranges supplied include a full range of ambient, frozen, fresh & chilled foods, and non-foods.
The wholesalers within Sterling support a national promotion programme arranged by the Head Office but retain their individual identity.

Sterling Supergroup Constitution

The Group is controlled by a board of members elected annually by the membership at the AGM. Regular members meetings are held and an Annual Conference takes place in September. All members are equal shareholders, irrespective of the size of their company. The Group Head Office is non-profit making and all income is paid out in full to members.

The board is currently made up of the following Sterling Supergroup Members:

Chadds / Foodsmiths Ltd – Nigel Chadd
ELC UK Ltd – Ali Alleyassin
Hannah Foods – Gary Hannah
J & R Foodservice Ltd – John Whitechurch (Chairman)
J & R Foodservice Ltd – Yan Whitechurch
McClure Ltd – Matthew McClure
MKG Food Products Ltd – Andrew Jefferson
Reids Foodservice – Andrew Reid