Frozen Newsletters 2017

1751 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 22nd December 2017         

The intranet site is located at:

Havelok Ltd

John Blewett 07712 522111 Please find attached our current newsletter on current market conditions.

Riva Foods

Marie Gawley M.07889 182934 says “We have had significant price increases on some key raw materials including Bread (Flour), Margarine (Rapeseed Oil & Palm Oil).  Due to these increases we have had no option but to increase our prices from the 1st March 2018, see attached.

Please find below a summary of the key ingredient increases, as you may be aware we do not produce our own bread but we have this produced by a key major bread producer due to their economies of scale, they have notified us of the increase in flour costs & currency which in turn they have had to pass on to ourselves.

Market Movements

  • Bread (Flour) =+4%
  • Margarine (Rapeseed Oil & Palm Oil) = +8.8%
  • Currency fluctuations – Euro and Dollar for Raw materials

Butter Rosettes – please note that we have also had to amend the shape of our butter rosettes to a 2 dimensional floret shape as the machine that made the rosettes broke down and the engineers condemned the machine as they could not fix it due to is age.  We have contacted all members who take the butter rosette shape and advised them of this and sent samples and revised specs of the alternative shape that they can switch to should they wish.  I have amended the product description and product code for the butter rosettes also.”

Ministry of Cakes

Susie Hodgkin M. 07713 706730 says “Mademoiselle Desserts bought Ministry of Cake approaching a year ago.

Due to the purchasing agreement Mademoiselle Desserts only took operational responsibility from 1st October.

The plan has always been to rebrand the Ministry business as Mademoiselle Desserts and that process will now start in the New Year. We will do this gradually with a new website in March and you will see email addresses change to (the current Ministry email addresses will divert to these addresses to ensure a smooth transition).

We will start invoicing and processing delivery notes and purchase orders under the Mademoiselle name from 2nd April so please can you let us know who we need to liaise with in your business to ensure a smooth process. Our company number, VAT number, bank details, phone numbers and points of contact will remain the same. We are looking forward to the rebranding and the advantages that being part of Mademoiselle Desserts Group brings.”


1750 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 15th  December 2017         

Havelok Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Coated Fish

John Blewett 07712 522111 attached is the price list that comes into effect on 1st Jan 2018. We have had meetings and a factory visit with Havelok as their quality levels had dropped along with some packaging issues.  The buying team feel that they understand our concerns and will be doing a much better job going forwards.

Rawcliffes Foods Limited – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Burgers & Sausages 

Steve Andrew M. 07961 412886 our current price lasts until Feb 28th 2018. We have agreed to renew the contract with them from 1st March 2018 at the current rate for 1 year. Steve says they will hold the price for a further year barring any major disruption to the market such as Swine Flu in Europe. Burgers Price List, Sausages Price List


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “Summer 2017 did see some short term hiccups on our French breads and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience to Sterling Members. With this in mind, I can confirm that we will delay the ‘own label bread’ increases until 01st February 2018 for the Sterling Group.” 2018 price list attached.

Pacific West Foods – 2018 Cod Pricing

Adam Williamson M. 07825 519703:

Cod Size Current Price New Price Difference
170/200gm £25.80 £28.80 11.60%
200/230gm £27.10 £29.10 7.40%
230/290gm £29.25 £30.70 4.90%

Kara – Brioche Price increase

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 has agreed to a 1st Feb 2018 implementation date. New price list for members trading over £200k per year attached and price list for members trading under £200k per year attached.


1748 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  1st December 2017         

Lutosa UK Ltd

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 says: “I just wanted to let you know that we have just approved our 18mm Coated Pub Chip for launch. We have spent some time developing it so that it has a light crunchy coating along with perfect inner texture. We think it hits the mark perfectly and are happy to discuss launch promotions with the members. I have included the pricing detail on the attached updated price list.”

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Ciabatta

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “We had our first production of own label ciabatta last night (30/11/17). They are currently on the journey down to temperature, so should be good for deliveries next week.” Pricing details attached.

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  French Bread

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “Following our recent meeting in Solihull, we submitted a request to extend the price increases for the Sterling Group beyond 1st January 2018. Our comments have been taken on board; however, we are experiencing very real and significant raw material cost increases across a number of key raw materials used in the manufacture of our product portfolio. Whilst we will always seek to offer our customers price stability, the increases in raw material are to the extent it is no longer sustainable for prices to be held at current levels beyond Dec 31st 2017.  Summer 2017 did see some short term hiccups on our French breads and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience to Sterling Members. With this in mind, I can confirm that we will delay the ‘own label bread’ increases until 01st February 2018.”


Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: “Please be advised that supplies of the following products are now limited, and will shortly cease due to the closure of our Grain D’Or bakery in London, which I am sure you will be aware of. No more stock is being produced and stock will soon be exhausted, therefore we advise you to place any orders you require as soon as you can. We apologise if this causes any issues for you or your customers.”

F01227 Kara Premium Croissant
F01230 Kara Pain au Chocolat
F02006 Kara Min Grab bag muffins

The Handmade Cake Company – Price Increase 2018

Simon Law after discussion with Daniel says: “As far as prices are concerned, we agreed an increase of 8% effective January 8th 2018, which reflects the recent softening in future butter prices. We also agreed that we would monitor in particular the cost of butter in 2018, and should it drop to (say) £4,000 MT we would meet to review your prices in that context.” A reduction from the original  9.8% that they had proposed. Details attached.


1747 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 24th November 2017         

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “Please find attached a new price file for the SSG members showing 2018 prices and the slide I presented about pricing of raw ingredients for the year ahead. You will also see that a few of the items have now been reduced since the first notification I sent.”


Greencore Grocery – Leeds

John Mcinnes Smith Office 0113 297 6000  Mobile 07734327183 1st Jan 2018 price list attached.


1746 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  17th November 2017         


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 Richard Fowler M. 07917 268811 have agreed to see if we can a delay in implementation of the price increase that is due 1st Jan 2018 They will come back to me next week, however attached is the pricing that will (eventually) take effect.

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Gourmet Fries

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 Please find attached the final list of Gourmet Fries that will be available in Sterling brand. Please note that the 18mm Standard chip will remain as a 4 x 2.5kg box whereas the other lines will be packed in 4 x 2.25kg box this price list reflects the prorated discount on a 9kg box which we neglected to reflect last week.

William Jacksons bakery

Patrick Lloyd of  Nicol Hughes says: “No doubt you are aware of the issues being experienced with supply from William Jacksons bakery. We are looking at alternative suppliers. Would you mind circulating the membership to find out if anybody has found a decent alternative?”


1745 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  10th November 2017         

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chips

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – says:

Please find below the prices of our own labelled range called ‘Chef’s Excellence’:

  • The below prices are applicable for the next 6 months and are applicable for MAINLAND UK + Dublin area (loading as from 01.10.2017 up to and including 31.03.2018)

o          For 5 months, the normal/standard price will be applicable:

                        01.10.2017-21.01.2018 (=loading date)

01.03.2018-31.03.2018 (=loading date)

o          A promotional price will be applicable during the month FEBRUARY 2018: loading as from 22.01.2018 up to and including 28.02.2018

  • Would it be possible to ask your members to provide us a forecast for the next 6 months?

o          For the promotional period, during the month February, would it be possible to give us a good indication/forecast for the first 2 weeks? At the beginning of February we can then have a look at the real demand/rotations and adapt our production for the remaining weeks of the promotional period.

For HTL (12pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices (FTL 24 PAL)

For HTL (6pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices for HTL (HTL 12 PAL)

Product description A B
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 7/7 4×2,5kg 0,636 0,585
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 3/8 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 7/16 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries 9/16 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Premium French Fries Steak 4×2,5kg 0,614 0,565
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 7/7 4×2,5kg 0,743 0,684
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 3/8 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries 9/9 SKIN ON 4×2,5kg 0,713 0,657
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL 9/16 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch French Fries XL Steak 4×2,5kg 0,703 0,647
Chef’s Excellence Criss Cross Fries 4×2,5kg 0,899 0,827
Chef’s Excellence Criss Cross Fries 12x750g 0,926 0,852
Chef’s Excellence Dipper Fries (uncoated) 4×2,5kg 0,739 0,680
Chef’s Excellence Herb Coated Dipper Fries 12x750g 0,854 0,786
Chef’s Excellence Sweet Potato Fries 4×2,5kg 1,980 1,822
Chef’s Excellence Sweet Potato Fries 14x750g 2,007 1,846
Chef’s Excellence Curly Fries 4×2,5kg 0,961 0,884
Chef’s Excellence Curly Fries 10x750g 0,988 0,909
Chef’s Excellence Double Battered Wedges 4×2,5kg 0,819 0,753
Chef’s Excellence Seasoned Crispy Cubes 4×2,5kg 0,672 0,618

 =  NET price DAP £/kg per FTL (24 PAL) MAINLAND UK + Dublin area Availability:

– 01.10.2017-21.01.2018 (=loading date)

– 01.03.2018-31.03.2018 (=loading date)

 =  Promotional NET price DAP £/kg per FTL (24 PAL) MAINLAND UK + Dublin area. Availability:

– 22.01.2018-28.02.2018 (=loading date)

For the Marquise products, please find below the prices, applicable per FTL (24pal) Mainland UK + Dublin area, these prices are applicable from 01.10.2017-31.03.2018.

For HTL (12pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices (FTL 24 PAL)

For HTL (6pallets) a supplement of 0,017/kg needs to be calculated on top of the net prices (FTL 12 PAL)


Availability: 01.10.2017-31.03.2018 (=loading date)

NET price DAP £/kg per FTL (24 PAL) MAINLAND UK + Dublin area
Marquise Gastro PF 10/10 4×2,5Kg 0,547
Marquise Gastro PF 11/11 4×2,5Kg 0,547
Marquise PF 10/20 4×2,5Kg 0,547
Marquise Gastro PF 7/7 4×2,5Kg 0,570
Marquise Gastro PF 14/14 4×2,5Kg 0,547
Am.Style PF 7/7 12x750G 0,583
Marquise SAUT  7mm 4×2,5Kg 0,622
Marquise SAUT  7mm 10x1Kg 0,644
Marquise Roast Potatoes 4×2,5kg 0,601
Marquise Rosti 4×2,5Kg 0,841
Marquise WEDG 1/6 SkOn 4×2,5Kg 0,570
Marquise WE 1/8 SkOn Spicy 4×2,5Kg 0,636

If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attached are the Sterling Caterers Essentials – Gourmet Chips that shall be launching shortly with Clarebout.

1744 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  3rd November 2017         

The intranet site is located at:


Seahawk Marine Foods Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Salmon Portions

Steve Geddes M. 07770 542542 says: “We would like to offer the following promotion on your Salmon portions:

Code Product Contract Price Net Promo Price Invoice Promo Price
SSG14 Salmon Fillet Portion 140-170g Skinless B/less  10’s £17.99 £15.85 £16.17
SSB17 Salmon Fillet Portion 170-200g Skinless/B/less 10’s £21.99 £18.85 £19.23
SSP20 Salmon Fillet Portion 200-230g Skinless/B/less 10’s £25.99 £20.85 £21.27

Promotion prices are for deliveries from W/C 06/11/17 until stock has been sold.” Steve assures me that they have a good level of stock that will take us through to the end of the year on this promotion.


1743 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  27th October 2017         


Bannisters’ Farm – New Pricing

Marie Medhurst says: “The 2017/2018 potato harvest is still ongoing but thankfully progressing more quickly now as the recent good weather has helped to dry out the land enough for the machinery to operate more effectively. After all of the wet weather, we still had harvesting of other crops to do too, but the unseasonal warm weather over the weekend meant that we even managed to finish our borage and beans….. finally!

The new crop looks bold, in that there is a higher proportion of larger tubers, and there is talk of there being a shortage of the smaller sizes of potato as the season progresses. However, the crops so far, look to be yielding well and the view is that prices will most likely remain lower than last year. As always, we will try to keep you updated with any changes as the season progresses. Please find enclosed a new price list that will be applicable on orders placed from Monday 30th October 2017 along with our terms and conditions of sale which apply to all orders.”

Finedale Foods Ltd

Chris Hurrell M. 07899 967281 says: “To confirm we are putting a price increase to the Sterling Supergroup members to start 1st Jan 2018.”

1742 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  20th October 2017         


Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Gourmet Fries

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 –  We have agreed to allow Clarebout pack a range of Speciality or Gourmet Fries in addition to the standard Sterling Fries.

The range will consist of the following:

Product Description Pack Size 6 Mixed Pallets Half Container FCL
Chips 18mm 4 x 2.5kg £5.90 £5.73 £5.56
Crispy Coated Chips 7mm 4 x 2.25kg £7.62 £7.45 £7.28
Crispy Coated Chips 10mm 4 x 2.25kg £7.17 £7.00 £6.83
Crispy Coated Chips 14mm 4 x 2.25kg £7.17 £7.00 £6.83
Crispy Coated Chips 18mm 4 x 2.25kg £7.17 £7.00 £6.83
Skin on Chips 14mm 4 x 2.25kg £6.27 £6.10 £5.93
Sweet Potato Fries 4 x 2.25kg


These products have been sampled by the buying team and compared to the market and they came out very well our only concern had been the very light colour on the skin-on product compared to Lutosa. Clarebout (and Lutosa) stated that was probably due to the samples coming from the first earlies and the skin tends not to set very well on these. This range offers a savings of over 15% and members felt that the coated 18mm would be able to go toe to toe with the McCain product at a huge saving.



CDT Sidoli (Welshpool) Ltd

Gilly Barber says: “As you were no doubt expecting to hear, I need to inform you of a price increase across our product range of 8%. This increase will be effective with all orders placed week commencing 29th January  2018.

I have enclosed your new group price list which will replace our current 2017 price list. This follows a particularly challenging year for everyone involved in the foodservice industry.  As widely publicised with rising ingredient prices which are the basis of the vast majority our dessert range along with the other cost increases that effect food production generically.

As you know Sidoli will always endeavour to work with our customers to instigate any change in our pricing structure once a year. This being at a time when nearly all of you are producing new product brochures. I know that a number of our competitors have made changes during the course of the year as they have reacted fairly quickly to market changes in price where we have held our prices. I hope you understand that here at Sidoli we have taken the strain of these increases and tried to hold to our more acceptable practice of our annual review in Jan/Feb time. This being notified with a 3 month lead time prior in October.

The increases that have affected us most have been unprecedented this year and have had significant impact throughout the business. With well documented increases across the dairy market we have had to deal with, to name just a few; Medium fat cream cheese at 58% and American cream cheese used in so many of our deluxe cheesecakes and frostings at 116%. Whipping cream currently at 36% increase with no good news on the horizon.

Butter as I’m sure you are all aware has been a very volatile market for everyone and is currently costing an additional 59% on contracted prices from Spring this year.

Our purchasing team are currently working on a full break down of all the increases to our business with the only improvement to come through in recent weeks being on the price of sugar. In the grand scheme of things this is very much a drop in the ocean on individual product costings.

With many of our products being sourced from Europe the exchange rate, which of course we have no control of, has also played a significant part in our decision for the level of our increase.

Any delisted lines have been highlighted on your product portfolio for your information and individual price lists will be sent out to all of your members in due course to confirm new pricing and delisted lines

A full 2018 price list has also been included for you to see our full range including our new launch products for Spring 2018 (a hard copy of this will be sent out also).

I know that this move in market costs is not going to be easy for any business to deal with but I am sure that we can continue to support and work together over the coming months. I would like to thank you for your continued support going forward into 2018.


1740 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 6th October 2017         

Whitby Seafoods – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Scampi

James Owen-Taylor M. 07432 732343 – We have renewed our Scampi contract with Whitby Seafoods as of 1st November, see attached price list.

Lantmannen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “As you are aware we have been experiencing some stock issues out of our Milton Keynes Factory of late and the decision has been taken to stop production of this line in Milton Keynes temporarily – 1001 Americana 4” seeded buns, to free up production time to focus on recovering stock of all other Fast Food breads as quickly as possible.

From 09.10.17 customers will no longer be able to order 1001’s and customers must place orders using the new code.

Attached is an image of the outer case label, which includes the Americana log and the product specification details.

Product detail summary:

Code – 210149

Description – Americana 4” Seeded Bun

Plain case (non-branded)

Clear inner bags

Pack size 48 (unchanged from current)

Cases per pallet 100 (unchanged from current)

Plain outer case label with Americana logo

No real change other than order code and packaging being slightly different.”

Ministry of Cake

Susie Hodgkin M. 07713 706730

Following the purchase of Ministry of Cakes in December 2016 by Mademoiselle Desserts it has been decided that they will merge with 2 other already owned UK based dessert companies. Please see attached more information.

Havelok Ltd – Plaice prices

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 says: “Further to previous messages on the challenges of sourcing plaice, we have seen raw material costs continue to move from £4.40 to £5 per kg last week with limited raw material availability.Unfortunately, we are not able to absorb these rising costs and need to implement a price rise on our breaded plaice range with effect from 1st January 2018. Please find the new prices attached.

In addition, please find attached the new quarterly prices for our IQF Fillet range, with effect from 16th October.”

Havelok Ltd – Luxury Fishcake Range Alterations

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 says: “I write to inform you that our directors have confirmed our 85g luxury fishcakes are no longer commercially viable to produce:

Code Product Name SSG 2017 Jan-Aug sales Residual Stock Available
41LC85 Thai Cod & Prawn Fishcake 85g 264 231
45LC85 Salmon & Dill Fishcake 85g 599 0
42LC85 Smoked Haddock Fishcake 85g 626 155

In place of these, we are offering 90g versions of the same product in Havelok branded boxes. They will be supplied in cases of 24 instead of 30.

They will become available as stocks of the 85g run through:

Code Product Name Case Info Price into Sterling Members First Production Available
41LC90 Thai Cod & Prawn Fishcake 90g 24x90g £11.09 209 cases
45LC90 Salmon & Dill Fishcake 90g 24x90g £10.44 6th Oct 2017
42LC90 Smoked Haddock Fishcake 90g 24x90g 11.27 Date TBC

Please find attached Thai Cod & Prawn FishcakeSalmon & Dill Fishcake & Smoked Haddock Fishcake specs of the three new products.

October 2017 Sterling Super Group Promotions

I am conscious the 85g fishcakes were placed on promotion for the group for October. We are able to honour the discount for the residual stock we have. We will also offer a 10% discount on the 3 new 90g lines for October 2017. I apologise for any inconvenience this range alterations might cause.”


Alan Glover M. 07885186576

See attached promotional leaflet – Christmas with Kara.

Riva Foods

Marie Gawley M.07889 182934 says: “As per our conversation regarding the current butter market, we have had to commit to December and Q1 contracts for butter, which is still significantly higher than our Q4 Butter contracts (approx. £1,200 per tonne).  Please find below a bit of an update and I have also attached the September Green Sheet for the Dairy market:

Due to high demand and lower milk yields the butter market is still high with our Q1 butter prices being £1,200 higher than Q4, however we do feel that there may be some softening of the market.  Initial indications are that the butter prices may have now peaked and we are now getting some signs that Q2 prices may be slightly lower than our Q1 contracted price and may reduce slightly with further decreases anticipated for Q3.

We are still limited to buying for just the quarter ahead however the benefit of this means that we can react and pass on any decreases for Q2 as quickly as possible to your members.

We have calculated the price increases on just the butter element of our products and on just the 100% Butter Rosettes (P052 & P124) and just applied the difference between our Q4 and Q1 contracts. As per our conversation we are not increasing the garlic bread products with butter at this time as the majority of the products taken by members are margarine based and also the percentage of butter in the recipe is small compared to a 100% butter rosette so we are trying to avoid increasing the price on these.

As discussed we are trying to be open and fair regarding our butter contracts at this unstable time in the butter market and we will keep you appraised regarding this volatile market place.

I have updated the attached price list as per our conversation with the revised prices which we will need to implement from the 1st December 2017.”

1739 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  29th September 2017         

Lutosa UK Ltd

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 attached are the Lutosa Branded Chip Prices and Specialities effective 2nd Oct 2017


The Handmade Cake Company – Price Increase 2018

Simon Law says: “Over the course of the last 9 months, we have experienced continuing and significant increases in the costs of a number of our key ingredients.

I am sure the details below will come as no surprise to you, all of which are having a major impact on this business.

  • Butter                         +40%
  • Liquid Egg                 +50%
  • Soft Cheese/Cream +20%
  • Flour (various)          +15%
  • Packaging                 +15%

The recent small (3%) decrease in the cost of sugars, does not in any way mitigate the increases above. In addition to the above, we have also had no choice but to accept a large increase in our energy costs of a (net) 12.5% for 2018 – note our consumption of electricity is much higher than gas. The Living Wage increase in 2017 was an additional 3.5%.  In light of the above we will therefore have to increase our prices to you by 9.8% on all our cakes invoiced/delivered as from Monday 8th January 2018.” The new cake price list is attached along with the dessert one.


Délifrance (UK) Ltd

Lucy Rios Robert 07775 800297, price increase attached – they have agreed to delay implementation until 16th October.  Lucy says:

As you may have noted through food industry reports over the last few months, we are experiencing unprecedented inflation in the butter commodity market which leads to pressures in availability and we find ourselves in a position where we will have to pass on a proportion of the increase in cost to our customers.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that Delifrance will be increasing the prices of our affected products as attached for goods delivered from Monday 2nd October.

  • Brioche          •           Pâtisserie      •           Savoury         •           Viennoiserie

We will inform them individually for the lines purchased based on the last 12 months of sales.

As you will appreciate, this notification is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but given the current market situation, we are unable to cover the additional costs any longer.

Bannister Farm Potato Market Update

“The 2017 potato harvest is underway but we still have quite a way to go before it is all out of the ground and the recent wet weather is making it a slower process. As a lot of farmers say, “growing the crop is only half of the job”.   In fact, on the Wolds, there is still wheat standing yet to be combined, and we still have our own borage and beans to harvest.

On a more positive note, regarding the projections for this year; according to the AHDB figures (what was the British Potato Council) there has been a 4% increase in the area of potatoes planted but, more to the point, it has been a good growing season. The crops look well and, at the moment, there seem to be plenty of bakers coming from the crop. There are concerns that the growing season has been a bit too good and that some of the bolder crops may be susceptible to hollow heart. This occurs when there is a rapid period of growth and the starch cells do not have time to keep up causing a gap in the middle of the tuber however, at the moment it is too soon to say how much of an issue that might be.

It is a bit too early to know what the 2017 season will produce, and therefore where prices will settle, as only a small proportion is out of the ground but the signs are good. We will keep you updated as the lifting period progresses and make sure you are aware of any changes.

We are very much hoping for the arrival of an Indian summer to speed things along.”

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chips

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – says: “New Sterling lines (7/7 and Steakhouse) will be available for loading as from the 27th of September.”

This means that all cut sizes are now available from both Lutosa & Clarebout.


1737 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  15th September 2017         


Malcolm Reid  – 07341 126931has sent through an updated Sterling price list, with revised pricing for the Greens onion rings, plus pricing for the Sterling onion rings.  These prices will be valid from 1st October.

Farm Frites

Nadia Adrien 07710 864954 updated market report attached.

1736 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 8th September 2017         

Lamb Weston

Mark Harris M. 07825 953 040 – Please find attached the latest Lamb Weston Price list, effective 1st October 2017.

Please note:

–       L Weston have decided to hold prices at current level

–       Pommes Frites range has replaced Freeze chill. New codes and cutsizes, has already been communicated.

–       Gratinis have been relaunched and added.

1735 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  1st September 2017         

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Own Label Ciabatta

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 as previously discussed we have decided to allow Lantmännen Unibake to produce an own label ciabatta for the group.

The product will be a 40 x 120g ciabatta.

Debbie is aiming for a November start date but she would like an indication of the volumes that may be involved to ensure enough stock build up. Attached is the cost price information. It would be good if you could give Kerry an indication of your possible volumes.

As also mentioned we have managed to agree a further discount on Teacakes that will take over after the current offer end this week.

Ministry of Cake

Susie Hodgkin M. 07713 706730 has confirmed that the price increase due to take effect on 6th October across their product lines will NOT impact the products that we have in own label as they are under a separate agreement and price stability will be maintained until the end of the contract – end of Feb 2018.



1734 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 25th August 2017         

Ministry of Cake

Susie Hodgkin M. 07713 706730 says: “Whilst Ministry of Cake have been able to absorb some of the ever- soaring cost of dairy since the start of the year, we are now having to pass on to all our customers and your Sterling Members.

As you will only be too well aware, we are all continuing to face significant increases in the cost of a number of ingredients, but especially cream and butter.  At Ministry of Cake we use a great deal of these ingredients in the products that we make for our customers, and so these price rises hit us particularly hard.  From mid-2016 we have seen the price of dairy products rise (by 265% in the case of butter and 244% for cream) and this is expected to continue to rise as we move into the Christmas period, with no predicted respite as we enter 2018.  In the supermarkets, butter has risen by 53pc in the last year and since January 2017 alone, butter has increased by over 40% and cream over 50%. As the pound continues to weaken post Brexit, the situation continues to be compounded as several imported ingredients rise in cost.

The end customers and consumers are no doubt well aware too of the ‘dairy crisis’ as it has had a lot of press in the media too across the tabloids and broadsheets.

Certainly a gloomy outlook  however at Ministry of Cake we continue to offset as much of these increases as possible by improving our own efficiencies, sourcing alternative suppliers and ultimately by earning lower margins on our products than we would like to.  However, we have come to the point where we simply cannot absorb any more cost without materially damaging our business and harming our long-term ability to supply great quality cakes therefore prices will be increasing by 6% on Friday 6th October 2017. “

We are still in discussion with MoC regarding own label products.

Whitby Seafoods –

James Owen-Taylor M. 07432 732343 says: “I have detailed the changes to our seafood Platter for your records. Our new improved Seafood Platter will be available to order from 11th September. Please feel free to move over to the new product so that your customers can enjoy the new improved recipe.

Our aim with this change is to improve the quality of the product by using higher specification components within it, give a wider range of seafood items and to bring the product bang up to date.

Due to the significant specification upgrade, it does have an increased cost which was detailed in your recent newsletter, please find below your new pricing structure.

2017 New and Improved Seafood Platter – Sterling

Start Date End Date Whitby Code Product Description Price
8000 Seafood Platter 20*170g £23.80
11/09/017 31/12/2017 8003 New and improved Seafood Platter 20 * 170g £30.23


Kara -Teacakes

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: “We understand that there is a sudden shortage in the marketplace for Teacakes. Please be advised that we are currently unable to manage any extra volumes caused by this shortage and we are in a position where we can only service existing customers and current forecasted volumes to safeguard our planned stockholding. I’m sorry if we cannot help any members on this occasion but trust you understand our rationale for this decision”

1733 Newsletter Frozen Foods  –   18th August 2017         

Havelok Ltd

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 Email: says “Havelok are currently experiencing problems producing Breaded Plaice due to severe raw material issues, which are industry wide. This is down to poor landings and retail buyers paying a premium for the product. Our buying department are looking at all avenues to alleviate the problem but this is proving very difficult, I can give no firm dates on the next production run but will keep you informed of our stock production. At the time of writing, we currently have 80g-110g, 110g-140g and 230g-290g available.”

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says: “Please see notification of an upcoming price increase on our Menu Signatures Sweet Potato fries from 2nd October 2017, attached.”

Karro – October Price increase.

Graham Thompson M. 07789-761448 says: “Please find attached letter from Keiron Alexander – Commercial Director. Please note the price increase will take effect from the 1st October 2017”


1732 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 10th August 2017         



It was drawn to my attention that when Daniel asked for member volume indication for Clarebout that it was not made clear that Clarebout NEED this information to ensure that they have enough cover for any currency movements.

If you have not given an indication please note that should the currency move significantly Clarebout will not have made any provision for supplying you at the current rate. If you would like to ensure that you are unaffected by any currency movements please give us an indication that we can share with Clarebout.

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672  says: “Please see below notification of an upcoming price increase on our Menu Signatures Sweet Potato fries from 2nd October 2017.  The business has had to move by 10.4% which will make the new case cost £28.20 per 10kg.

The main factor for this rise has been an increase in the production cost from South Africa where this product is currently made.  There has also been a number of other increased input cost factors such as oil and availability of raw material.  There will be a formal letter in the post from our sales director to officially notify you.”

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – own label Ciabatta

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 we have decided to allow Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd produce an own label ciabatta for the group. A 40 x 120g ciabatta. Further details will follow in the coming weeks. We have managed to agree a further discount on Teacakes that will take over after the current offer ends at the end of August. Debbie is on holiday this week so we shall agree a start date for the ciabatta.


1731 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   04th August 2017         

Chips 2017- 2018

For the coming season we have as most of you know already decided to remain in dual supply with both Lutosa and Clarebout for Sterling Own Label.

This current season only a half dozen or so of members traded with Clarebout as a test to see how the product was received in their business.

This went very well and the product was generally received without issue.

I know that we have been in touch to get indications for what volume members were planning to put with each supplier, while we had not had to do this in the past Clarebout particularly needed an indication of the type of volume that they might expect so that they could cover off enough currency to fulfil the contract and not need to come back to us to discuss currency if things change significantly over the next year.

We are still working on developing a range of speciality chips in own label and will let you know when this is ready.

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chips

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – attached is the offer from Clarebout for supply from 1st October 2017. Please note that this company does NOT offer an overrider as part of the agreement and so far as I am aware they will not offer any sort of marketing support. They have taken a more proactive approach to smaller 6 & 12 pallet drops, though I believe they are really set up / experienced to fulfil full container load orders. Last year they only did 3 of the cut sizes in own label we are working on getting the packaging ready on the other sizes so that they can offer all in the new season.

Lutosa UK Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chips

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 attached is the offer from Lutosa for supply from 1st October 2017. Please bear in mind that Lutosa offer an overrider that is based on your entire frozen purchases from them to include their branded products to make up the tonnage level for the overrider. They pay us at head office the own label O/R but pay you direct via credit note for the Lutosa Branded items on whatever your combined tonnage to hit the OR levels. So please bear this in mind when making any decisions about moving any volume as this could impact your overrider on both won label and branded.  Please find attached a breakdown of the overrider to enable you to see your individual situation.

Lutosa UK Ltd – Sweet Potato Fries

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 Joe tells me that that from mid-September they will have Sweet Potato Fries available in their range. The 2017/18 season Lutosa price is to follow.

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 please see attached from Debbie regarding a price increase on certain lines due to the large increases in the cost of butter. Daniel has challenged Debbie regarding the level of increase versus the percentage of butter per line, Debbie has sent it on to the “powers that be” but I thought it best to let you know that this is coming down the line from 1st September 2017.

Debbie has come back with the following as a new price for 1st September 2017.

Category LUUK Code Description New Group Inv. Price Variance % Change
Fast Food Bread 1502 Americana Brioche Bun  £11.12 £0.58 5.5%
Fast Food Bread 1643 Americana Seeded Brioche Bun  £10.77 £0.23 2.2%
French Pastry Q008 Almond Croissant  £18.94 £1.35 7.7%
French Pastry Q009 Chocolate Croissant  £18.94 £1.35 7.7%
French Pastry Q022 All Butter Croissant  £11.14 £1.28 13.0%
French Pastry 651092 Butter Croissant 60g  £9.70 £1.04 12.0%
French Pastry EG19 Pain Chocolat  £16.40 £1.30 8.6%
French Pastry EZL10 Jumbo All butter croissant  £10.84 £1.25 13.0%
French Pastry Q0046 Pain Raisin  £13.08 £2.08 18.9%
French Pastry 222320000 Mini Viennosserie Assorted  £29.57 £3.17 12.0%
Savoury 151126 Cheese Twist  £27.14 £2.47 10.0%
Savoury B2042 Spinach & Ricotta Plait  £18.61 £0.51 2.8%

1730 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 28th  July 2017         

d’Arta – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Frozen Vegetables

Ian Keyes – 07976 517523, Malcolm Reid – 07341 126931, Simon Costello – 07766 608444. We will be continuing our contract for Vegetables with d’arta for contract period 1st October 2017 – 30th September 2018. Please find attachednew price list. Please note, this does not include Onion Rings as we are looking into this as a separate tender.


Ian Keyes – 07976 517523, Malcolm Reid – 07341 126931, Simon Costello – 07766 608444 Please find attached new price list for Greens lines effective from 1st October 2017.

  1. Sykes & Sons (Manchester) Limited – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Prawns

Gordon Blackshaw M. 07767 833106

We will be continuing our contract for Prawns with Sykes for contract period 1st October 2017 – 30th September 2018. Please find attached new price list.


Pacific West Foods 

Nick Baker M. 07881 581093 says “I’m sure your fully aware cod prices have continued to rise over the past 6 months and as a company we have resisted putting our prices up with the hope of prices falling back. Unfortunately this isn’t likely to happen until early next year and we have little choice but to pass the increase on to our customers. Please find attached the Pacific west price list which comes into effect from the 2nd of October along with all the products affected by the price rises. I know some products are listed with some of the key members in which case they are welcome to buy in before the price rises to help ease the pain.”

1728 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   14th July 2017         

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Teacakes Offer

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says:  Wants members to know that she fought hard within her organisation to make this offer available in the correct part of the season for members. The business was reluctant to offer it however they have done so as a test to see if there is a significant uplift in the groups purchases during this period. If sales do not increase this price will revert to normal. If there is significant uplift this will strengthen Debbie’s hand to make a permanent price reduction.

•      Offer would be on teacake 6002:
•      “Deliveries” from Monday 17th July to end August.
•      Invoice £8.06 reduced to £7.06 for deliveries that fall within those dates.
•      An additional 0.50p per case claimable as a rebate for telesales to get behind promotion (to be invoiced to me and claimed as telesales rebate).


Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: “Please can the members be informed that Sandwich Thins (Imported bought in product) are now a delisted product due to extremely low sales and current stock out of date awaiting disposal. Looks like Foodservice don’t want these products!!  Apologies for any inconvenience caused”

M3 code Bakery Product  –  Thins “Unit Weight”
F01811 White Sandwich Thins Large 117g+/-5g McCloskeys Delisted
F01812 White Sandwich Thins Medium 57+/-5g McCloskeys Delisted
F01813 W’Meal Sandwich Thins Large 117g+/-5g McCloskeys Delisted
F01814 W’Meal Sandwich Thins Medium 57+/-5g McCloskeys Delisted


Have sent through the attached crop report.  Most members in England will now be dealing with Malcolm Reid  – 07341 126931. Simon has retained the Scottish members and one or two that are local to his home. Simon Costello – 07766 608444


1727 Newsletter Frozen Foods –    07 July 2017         



Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: “We have temporarily moved production of Kara mk5 seeded buns from Kara Whitefield to Fletchers Sheffield.


Over the next few weeks deliveries of Kara mk5 Seeded buns will be sent under code F00716. Packed and palletised in the same way as Kara F00269.

Please can members update their systems to avoid any confusion on delivery.

Product specification is attached. If you require any further information please contact myself or any of the customer care team.

I will advise once we revert back to the Kara Whitefield product.”

Rawcliffes Foods Limited – Sterling Caterers Essentials –  Sausages 

Steve Andrew M. 07961 412886 additional sausage lines available attached.

1726 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   30th June 2017         


Rawcliffes Foods Limited – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Burgers & Sausages 

We have decided to move both burgers and sausages to Rawcliffes.

The pricing that the group had on own label burgers and sausages was very poor which in turn lead to very poor sales.

This new pricing is now very competitive and will last through until end of February 2018. The products were taste tested against the current Sterling own label products and other competitors that tendered, Rawcliffes came either 1st or a very close 2nd in the comparisons on taste, texture and appearance. Daniel has agreed pricing with them that makes them the best in EVERY category that has been awarded to them.

Many of you may not be familiar with Rawcliffes, they are a Liverpool based manufacturer and have been trading since 2006 and specialised in sausages and more recently in burgers.  They also own the factory that processes the meat for them, which is Arthur J Granby & Sons who have been trading since 1967 both factories are BRC Accredited. A few members have been trading with them directly on sausages and indirectly on burgers, the feedback that we have had is that they are a reliable consistent company.  Gary Hannah (Hannah Foods), Daniel and I made a factory visit at the end of May and found that their facilities (while small) were up to the task. Also burger samples were sent out to Waterdene’s key burger users and received high praise on taste but as it was 100% burgers a few mentioned that they released some fat.

Attached are listings for the products that we will be producing in Own Label Burgers and for Own Label Sausages – the range will be expanded to included a 65% sausage as well as the standard 42% catering sausage.

Also attached is the price list for additional burger that they offer.

Your contact will be Steve Andrew M. 07961 412886

Address:  Rawcliffes Foods Ltd, Unit 13 Glacier Building, Harrington Road, Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool, L3 4BH. Attached are a credit application form and a customer information form.

Daniel has spent quite a bit of time pulling this whole thing together and I would be most grateful if members were to support this initiative as the quality of the goods has been approved by the buying team and pricing must rival or I believe improve on what you currently have in your businesses. Daniel has agreed in addition to the prices attached a 2% overrider on all directly purchased products (does not include products purchased via 3rd parties) to include Rawcliffes other products.  We are in the process of arranging own label packaging with them with an expected start date of 7th August, meanwhile if we can make our way through the current suppliers packed stock that would be most useful.

Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd – Teacakes Offer

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “Between trying to do my 2018 Budget with a new computer system, I’ve had a few meetings about the teacake. In short the offer is:

Offer would be on teacake 6002:
“Deliveries” from Monday 17th July to end August.
Invoice £8.06 reduced to £7.06 for deliveries that fall within those dates.
An additional 0.50p per case claimable as a rebate for telesales to get behind promotion (to be invoiced to me and claimed as telesales rebate).


No progress to report on the contract. What had seemed like extremely high and damaging weather in Belgium has now cooled off somewhat and finally it is raining over there.  I have spoken to Lutosa & Clarebout this week and the futures market has reduced to near normal levels but there is always the risk of currency “getting away” from us. Lutosa have renewed their offer for a further week, we shall continue to monitor the situation.

1725 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 23rd June 2017         


Lucy Rios Robert M. 07775 800297 says: “As promised, please see attached the P8 flyer. Please circulate to all members as some of these products will be unknown to members, so the pictures and descriptions will help them understand the products and hopefully take advantage of the promotions.”

Food For Life Supplier – Délifrance are now the first and only bakery supplier so far to become a Food For Life Supplier. See attached flyer.

Delifrance understand the important role that caterers play in putting us on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. We recognise the challenges faced, from meeting food requirements to minimising food waste, whilst keeping customers interested in food.


1724 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 16th June 2017         

Unique Seafoods – Introduction

Danny Chapman M0203 260 3580 E. W.

Unique Seafood has grown to become a leading fish supplier specialising in Frozen at Sea white fish. With controls over their own fishing boats Unique are able to offer you insight others cannot in this market. Prices below are based on half mixed pallet (25-35 cases depending on case size) and attached is their full product list.

FAS COD, SKIN ON, 8-16oz, RUSSIAN 3×6.81kg @ £104

FAS COD, SKIN ON, 16-32oz, RUSSIAN 3×6.81kg @ £113

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 8-16oz, RUSSIAN 3×6.81kg @ £108

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 16-32oz, RUSSIAN 3×6.81kg @ £118

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 16-32oz, MARK 2x9kg @ £106

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 16-32oz, ICELANDIC, 2x9kg @ £111

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 32+oz, RUSSIAN, 3×6.81kg @ £118

FAS COD, SKINLESS, 32+oz, ICELANDIC, 2x9kg @ £111

FAS COD, SKINLESS 32+oz, MARK, 2x9kg @ £106

FAS HADDOCK, SKIN ON, 8-16oz, RUSSIAN, 3×6.81kg @ £82

FAS HADDOCK, SKIN ON, 16-32oz, RUSSIAN, 3×6.81kg @ £82

FAS HADDOCK, SKINLESS, 8-16oz, RUSSIAN, 3×6.81kg @ £84

FAS HADDOCK, SKINLESS, 16-32oz, RUSSIAN, 3×6.81kg @ £84

Havelok Ltd

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 Email: says:

“We have taken the decision to delist our Cod & Chorizo Fishcake 85g.

The nature of the product means a full clean down is required after each production run. Unfortunately, the costs of set up and clean down approach £2,000 and were not being absorbed by the modest sales it was achieving. In addition, our recent independent audits placed the storing of meat in our factory in the spotlight. Again, the additional costs and complexity of managing this are not justified by the volume of the product. We sold 30 cases in May and have 90 cases remaining in stock. At the current rate of sale, this covers 3 month’s demand. I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes. We continue to offer the other luxury fishcakes. We have recently appointed a new development chef and will review and revamp our Fishcake offering.”

J Sykes & Sons Ltd

Gordon Blackshaw M. 07767 833106

Sykes are now participating in promotion 8. Please see attached promotion.

Farm Frites

Nadia Adrien 07710 864954 E:

Please see potato market report attached.



Malcolm Reid M.07341 126931

See attached vegetable crop report.


Alan Glover M. 07885186576 – Please see updated price files, with immediate effect, to include new Sourdough Doughball product. This one for members trading under £200k and this one for those trading over £200k.


Bronagh Hepworth 0161 765 3300 E:

I just want to confirm this is not a price increase. We have resent the price list attached to extend the date and also to include some new products launched or changed.

1723 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 09th June 2017         

Lamb Weston

Mark Harris M. 07825 953040 Attached is a price increase on Sweet Potato Fries LWF20 effective 1 August 2017.  Mark says: “For some months we have been monitoring the impact of a number factors on the price of Sweet Potato Fries. This cost price has been affected by FX rates, production costs and raw costs. As a result of a review we need to increase our sales price of the Sweet Potato Fries LWF20 effective for all deliveries from the 1 August 2017. The new prices will be communicated by your account manager. Please continue to order as to your current sales history. We look forward to continuing to develop sales within this important product category.”

Riva Foods

Marie Gawley M.07889 182934 says: “Due to further price increases in butter of an additional £1,500 per tonne we have had no option but to increase our price of Butter Rosettes from the 1st August 2017.  Please find attached a market report on the butter situation at present.

Please find below the revised prices for this product:-

P052 – Lands Butter Rosettes

Case Size:- 5kg (5 x 1kg)

Pallet:- 80 per pallet (layer 10)

Standard Price £34.50

Revised Price 1st August2017 – £42.50

Temperature: Frozen

Please note that we have allocated the remainder of our butter contract to our customers based on their 13 week average sales to ensure that our current contract is allocated fairly across all our customer base and to ensure that this contract lasts until the 1st August, however if volumes increase we would need to bring forward the price increase date.   Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.”


Délifrance (UK) Ltd

Lucy Rios Robert M. 07775 800297  says: “See attached  a flyer with our forthcoming Xmas lines. Some lines are already available – others which are brand new are being launched August 17 (as indicated on the flyer). We will also offer a promotion for November & December should members be interested.”

Fenton Barns

Ian Ross M. 07881 527130 says: “Fentons Range & Pricing for Christmas 2017, if any of your members wish to buy anything not on the list below then please ask them to contact me direct.”


2017 Christmas Range & Pricing
Product Size Finish Cost @ kilo
Pentland Turkey Saddle 3.5kg Dark £4.31
Fenton Gold Saddle 3.63kg Honey £5.41
Borders Gourmet 3.5kg Plain £5.93
Easiroast Turkey Breast 2.72kg Plain £4.84
Easiroast Turkey Breast 4kg Plain £4.78



1722 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  2nd June 2017         


Alan Glover M. 07885186576 has sent the attached leaflet to help get your Christmas menus ready with Kara.


Havelok Ltd

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 Email: June – Aug IQF prices attached.


1721 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   26th May 2017         

Saxon Quality Foods

Rory Fitzpatrick M. 077891 14311  (formerly of Five Star) says: “Saxon Quality Foods are part of the Abbeydale Food Group. We’ve been producing potato products for over 25 years, using 100% British potatoes.  From great tasting jacket potatoes to hand scooped potato skins, we make things that are good to eat”

Price list attached. Saxon are also able to offer Sweet Potato Jackets, Skins and Longboats.


1720 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   19th May 2017         

Farm Frites

Nadia Adrien 07710 864954. Please find attached a doom and gloom crop report from Nadia. With a bit of luck the relevant parts of Northern Europe had as much rain in the past week as we did across the water here in Essex.


Kara – Incorrect Malted Petit Pain Price

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: We have received some credit claims from members for an incorrect price on Malted Petit Pain.

Product code / Description Total sales 2016 Per month average Kara Price file 01 03 17: Correct price Sterling Error price
F00289  LBF (28440)


1,351 cases 112cases £4.94.

Coming into effect 03/07/17


On investigation with the finance team it appears the price on this product was, in error, omitted on the agreed Sterling price increase file effective 01 03 17 sent by myself to Sterling, but correctly added to the Kara internal computer price file by my finance colleagues.

Kara Price file 01 03 17: £4.94.Correct price uplift price.

Sterling price File 01 03 17: Product omitted so Sterling members price files would not have been changed and therefore their internal price would remain at £4.71.

To be fair to both sides ,I do not want to uplift the price to Sterling straightaway but request we uplift on Monday 3rd July 2017.I have requested we amend our internal price file again to £4.71 until the 3rd July so orders up to this date will again be charged £4.71.New price from 3rd July £4.94. Apologies for the error.

Kara – Computer Upgrade

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says that they will be having an internal upgrade to their already in place computer ordering system (M3) The reason for the upgrade is to allow other members of the Finsbury Food Group to join a central M3 system

The upgrade will be carried out over the weekend of from the 1st to the 2nd July.

Kara expect such little affect that they are not even mailing out to their general customer base. If problems do occur backup systems are in place which will revert them back to before the upgrade was attempted.

Please consider yourself warned, it may be an idea to build a week or 2 extra stock ahead of this if you have the room.


Alan Glover M. 07885186576 updated full Kara price list this one for members trading under £200k and this one for those trading over £200k

Peakhouse Foods Ltd

Charles Allen-Muncey M. 07736 731156 attached is the full updated price list of products purchased by Sterling members that comes in effect on 20th July. Also attached is a product guide of their full range.


Riverside Foods (DL)

Gita Sahota M. 07972 824184 E. W.

Riverside Food Service is a family company offering coated chicken specialities. Established in 1983, they have pioneered in breaded and battered technologies now with gluten free coatings available. Gita will be attending the conference in September and would like to establish contact with the members beforehand with the attached offerings and a 2% over rider on all purchases. Account application form also attached.


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 – Lantmannan will offer all Sterling members a special offer on Grilled Marked Burger Buns which will reduce the case price from £10.15 to only £8.00 per box. The buying in period will start from the 20th May and will run until the end of July.

1719 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   12th May 2017         


Peakhouse Foods Ltd – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Quiche & Apple Pies

Charles Allen-Muncey M. 07736 731156 From 20th July 2017 Charles plans to implement a 3.5% increase across the board of Sterling and Peakhouse branded items, a few items as set out below are increasing by 5%.

Fruit pies are to increase by 3%.

Charles says:”We are likely to be looking at further increases on cheese (and other dairy products) in the coming months. Butter prices are presently rising along with mozzarella and mild Cheddar and inevitably mature Cheddar will follow.

As we discussed during our meeting Peakhouse Foods does continually monitor costs and pricing and has been able to maintain stable pricing for approximately the last four years. During this time there has been significant movement in both the commodity and currency markets with the costs of materials and ingredients rising and falling for a variety of global and more localised reasons. The net effect of these movements has meant that until recent times our margins have remained relatively stable over the period.

Unfortunately since last summer the unprecedented quantity and rate of cost rises has meant our margins have been and continue to be heavily eroded with little in the way of falling costs to balance out the increases.

Examples of the increases we have been suffering over the last ten months or so include rises of 49% on cooked crispy bacon, over 30% on mature Cheddar Cheese, 34% on ham, 40% on sugar, 32% on white pepper, 21% on starches, 20% on cheese powder, 16% on diced shallots, 19.5% on margarine and shortening, 14% on Brie, 13.5% on flour, 12% on diced fore-quarter beef, 10% on aluminium foils, 9.5% on cardboard packaging, 8% on soya flour and 7% on Stilton. In addition energy and fuel costs continue to increase along with labour costs brought about by the introduction of the National Living Wage last year and the further increase to this in April of this year.

I have however now reviewed the price increase proposal of 5% which we discussed during our meeting and I can confirm that in reflection of the value in which we hold our long standing trading relationship with the Sterling Group we will as a gesture reduce this increase to 3.5% across all Quiches (Sterling and Peakhouse brand) and Savoury Gourmet Pies and 3% on the Sterling Bramley Apple Pie (and all Peakhouse branded Apple Pies and Fruit Crumbles). The only exceptions being the PG31 Gala Pork Pie, SG21 Poached Salmon & Fresh Watercress Quiche and Q001 Quiche lorraine where we do require 5% as we are now barely covering costs on these lines. I propose to enact the increase from 20th July 2017.

I do hope this reduced increase meets with your approval and I look forward to continuing to grow our business with the Sterling Supergroup.”

Quiche and Apple Pie prices attached.


1718 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   5th May 2017         

Lamb Weston

Mark Harris M. 07825 953040 updated price list with Sweet Potato products added.

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company Ltd

Paul Tory M. 07740 095598 says: “I would like to introduce myself as your new contact at RYPC, as Paul Cartwright has now left the business. I believe that following dialogue with yourselves and Paul, you are now awaiting cost prices for the Gluten Free range, and I can confirm the costs for Sterling Group members as follows:


90 X 2.5″ Round 15.5g 45 2 72 £9.15 72
8 X Toad in the hole Rectangular 210g 1 8 72 £11.60 72
8x 6- filled Round 350g 1 8 75 £16.10 75

Please let me know if you need any further information or product samples at this stage”



1716 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  21st April 2017         

Havelok – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Coated Fish

Please see attached Havelok’s monthly report.

1714 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 13th April 2017         

Kara Foodservice

Alan Glover M. 07885186576 has sent through revised price lists for the 1st March 2017. As in previous years there is a price list for member that turnover under £200k here and the members that spend over £200k per annum will use this price list.


1714 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 7th April 2017         

Whitby Seafoods– Sterling Caterers Essentials – Scampi

James Owen-Taylor M. 07432 732343 wanted to remind members of the Sterling own label price increase that comes into effect on 1st May 2017.  James says: “The new price of £29.44 will be held for a minimum of 6 months, we do not foresee further price increases in the immediate future however our sector is very volatile in regards to raw material inflation and this time frame will provide Whitby seafood’s the time to adapt to any market changes. In regards to market data please find attached for your records, in short the attached shows the decline in landings and the increases at the quayside for our raw material”  Sterling price list attached.


Finedale Foods 

Chris Hurrell M. 07899 967281 says: “I can re-confirm that Finedale Foods Ltd are a brand new operation that has taken over after the liquidation of Frank Dale Foods. I have attached a letter to confirm this and also a new account formfor when we have to make payments to Sterling Group in the future. At some point, we will look at terms but at this moment in time we will need to trade ourselves into a positive situation.”


McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says:  “I am writing to inform you that there has been a change to the proposed promotional activity in July-August.  We are now no longer promoting Gourmet and Traditional chips in these months and moving that promotion to September-October, the reason being is that we are re-launching the products with a new and improved batter and this has been delayed until then.  We want the promotional activity to tie in with the launch and all the marketing collateral we have going on with it.  “

Carol has updated the relevant promotions on the site.


1713 Newsletter Frozen Foods – 31st March 2017         


Farm Frites

Nadia Adrien 07710 864954

Crop report attached.

Fine Dale Foods 

Chris Hurrell tells me that they have risen as Fine Dale Foods after Frank Dale Foods went into liquidation.  He did say that he would send me new account forms for members to continue trading – I shall circulate as soon as I receive.    Chris Hurrell 07899 967281


Simon Costello – 07766 608444 says that he and Malcolm Reid will be looking after Sterling members going forward.

Simon will continue to deal with the following members:

Strachans  Aberdeen
Reid’s Glasgow
King Foods Aberdeen
Waterdene Leighton Buzzard
Eagle Foods Peterborough
Metrow Leigh on sea

Malcolm Reid – 07341 126931 will be looking after all other Sterling members going forward.


1711 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   17th March 2017         

The intranet site is located at:


Clarebout Potato Specialities

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – says: “

I’m happy to announce that as from now on we have a new product in our Chef’s Excellence range, a SKIN ON product:

Brand Carton Price:
Chef’s Excellence Supercrunch SKIN ON 9/9 4×2.5kg £ 7.38/carton

As there is a big demand to this kind of product, could you please announce this to all your members? Please let me know if you have some more questions.”

Attached is the specialities price list we had before the additional product. We will update as when we receive a newer version.


1710 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  10th March 2017         


Ian Keyes tells me that d’Arta has joined forces with a Cooperative of Yorkshire Farmers and a local Bio Energy firm to build one of the UK’s greenest food processing facilities in the East Riding of Yorkshire to process peas in a very green environmentally friendly way. Details attached.


Farm Frites – Oven Chip Offer

Nadia Adrien M. 07710 864954 says that in celebration of their 25th Anniversary they are offering 25% off on oven chips. Details attached.


  1. Sykes & Sons (Manchester) Limited – IQF pricing

Gordon Blackshaw M. 07767 833106 E. T. 0161 2300213 says: “We are starting to make some inroads with IQF Cod and Haddock with a number of the members and thought I would send you a price for the Group. I have attached details of the pricing and would like to offer them to all the members from 01/04/2017 for 3 months and then review sales in a couple of months.”

IQF Fish comparison

Kerry has been working on an IQF Fish comparison details attached.


1709 Newsletter Frozen Foods –  3rd March 2017         


Farm Frites

Nadia Adrien M. 07710 864954 has sent in the attached Potato Market Update – issue 24-02-2017.


Havelok Ltd

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 Email: has sent through their IQF prices.

N H Case Ltd

Ellis Ward M. 07734 288 921 E-mail:  (formerly of  Five Star Fish) is working as a consultant to NH Case. He has offered the attached IQF pricing. They will also be in a position to offer breaded and battered fish in the future and have expressed an interest in competing in our tender.

While not under Ellis direct remit he did mention their ready meals arm, and share the follow details:

“NH Case Warminster – Frozen Ready Meals

Built in 2000, our Warminster factory is designed for the production of both frozen multi portion (MP) and individual complete ready meals (ICM). The majority of 2 million ICM’s and half a million MP’s are supplied to the health sector to the elderly whether living in their own residence, a care home or an assisted living retirement centre.

A wide portfolio of products are produced including, fish, meat, poultry, vegetarian, vegan and ethnic dishes, our product development team is continually reviewing the market, proposing and developing new product lines as well as following a programme of continuous improvement of our existing product range.

The team have focused recently on key consumer trends including salt reduction, the elimination of trans fats and gluten free product development, bespoke products are developed in full consultation with customers and our dietician, who ensures the required standards are delivered.

For any sales enquiries then please NH Case, Warminster Business Park, Bath Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8RY Tel 01895 215162 Fax 01985 846072 Website”

1706 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   10th February 2017         

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd – Sweet Potato Fries

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says: “We have had production on sweet potato this morning so this SKU is now available to re order for delivery on Monday 13th Feb 2017.”


Havelok Ltd

Barry Jordan M. 07815 511 416 Email: will be taking over from Martyn who leaves them next month.

Martyn says: “Due to unprecedented increases in salmon raw material prices and the depletion of our existing stock at old kilo rates we now have to increase our prices on products listed below:

Code Description Pack Size Current Price New Price
2550 Breaded Salmon Fillet 60×50-70g £15.77 £20.38
2550NF Breaded Salmon Fillet (Non Fry) 60×50-70g £15.77 £20.38

1705 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   04th  February 2017         

Pizza Plus – 4th Dec 2016 Increase

Pizza Plus notified me of the above increase back in early October, this was accidently filed and not notified in the newsletter. Please accept my apologies for this oversight and update your records immediately. Cover letter attachedprice increase.


Young’s Seafood Ltd

Tim Graham Mobile: 07583613747 says: “I need to make you aware of the issues currently surrounding Mackerel Market currently, as this is going to lead to substantial price increases from 1st March of this year.

The headlines are Mackerel:

Prices on mackerel landings have risen as much as 60% from Jan 16 catch to October 16 catch
Demand is driven by the Japanese market who purchase some 30-35% of all landings
Price is dictated by the Norwegian market as the main supplier of mackerel to Japan. The Japanese Yen has strengthened around 20% vs the NOK and the Norwegians have taken advantage of this. This leaves the UK processors having to pay the Scottish fleet the same NOK prices in order to keep up. A further down side to this is the GBP has weakened Vs the NOK by 20% since January.
Landings have now ceased and stock is in Cold store either sold or awaiting sale. The next landings will be during January and this is where our prices will be set. Indications are prices will either remain where they currently are or go down slightly from today’s level.

Please see attached Sterling pricing document, only the Mackerel lines have change to £30.31/case.”

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd – Sweet Potato Fries

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837 672 says:

“I am writing to inform you that we will be out of stock on Menu Signatures Sweet Potato Fries for approximately two weeks this has been due to an issue with our shipping agent.  Stock is expected is back in the UK on the 9th February with orders expected to be released approximately 15th February.

This is a one off supply issue and not an ongoing issue which will disrupt continuity of supply moving forward. I apologise for any issues this may cause”

Waldrons Patisserie Ltd

Robert Waldron M. 07969039788 Waldrons trade with a few members already and are looking to try to entice a few more. They specialise in Freezer to table desserts and desserts in general.  They have agreed to show at the Spring Exhibition in March in the meantime Rob as sent through the attached “1 pager” on their product and a price list. Expanded product guide is here if you wish to see it.

Clarebout – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Chips additional SKU

Valerie Luyssen +32 (0) 57 44 69 01 – Clarebout have agreed to produce an additional cut size to the products that they are already making for us in our label they will be producing a 7/16” too. See attached price list.

French Fries 10mm 3×8”
French Fries 14mm 9×16”
French Fries 12mm 7/16”

There was a factory visit to this supplier earlier this month made by members that have already made a volume commitment to this supplier. I believe that all members that attended were very impressed with the site and the company. We sampled some of their specialities, their range does not include mash or mash derived products such as croquets but attached is a price list. Unfortunately it is single product pallet orders only as part of a FCL.

If you have any interest in ordering this new cutsize or any others that Clarebout produce in the Sterling Brand do contact Valerie, however please note that it really only makes sense to buy by the FCL.

1704 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   26th January 2017         

Ministry of Cake

John Gregson M. 07887 459144 has come in to discuss price increase across their range, however our Sponge Puddings have been excluded. John says: “As discussed, Ministry of Cake have to increase prices on all of our product lines.  This increase is due to a wide number of factors; decline in the value of Sterling (we buy a lot of ingredients from Europe), National Living Wage & prices of commodities (a few graphs to demonstrate this are attached).

As of 1st March we will be increasing prices on all products by 5%.  Due to the huge rise in cream costs we are forced to increase the price of these lines by an additional 2% (total of 7% price increase).

1703 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   20th January 2017         

Eurofresh Foods Ltd

Dennis Morgan M. 07768 913126 says he was told by a member that they were not listed on the intranet site. I am afraid that Dennis does not put in a “price list” as such and I list their information in the newsletter like this.


Ex Large frozen bakers 3 x 10 = 30 a case 280 – 340  grams  £11.50
Large size  frozen bakers 3 x 12 = 36 a case 225 – 280 grams £11.50

From the news letter page you can always search for a supplier by pressing Ctrl & F and then typing the name of the company in the box that appears.

Lutosa UK Ltd – Crop Report

Joe Withers M. 07747 018295 has sent the attached crop report, he told me (and this was repeated to me from McCains with regard to the UK crop too) that there is a high level of dry matter, and many more cracks than normal which is driving up the defect levels.

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

Hayley Campbell M. 07771 837672  is taking over our account from James Chiverton.

James & Hayley came in and repeated much of what was said above, James says that the yield is lower than acceptable, also they are having real problems finding the right size potatoes for Jackets in retail but as foodservice are larger product we will be unaffected.

DPP Limited

Jacqui Street M. 07771 627199 Current price list attached.



Silver Pail Dairy

Neil Turner M. 07714 791174 (formerly of Sidoli) visited head office. He has managed to have some success with one member listing the product and another agreeing to let him work with their sales team to generate orders. Neil has agreed to have the company attend our Spring Exhibition. Neil says: “For your records I have attached copies of Glenown Farm range and pricing.



David Ward Mobile 07831 848183  has sent through the attached on Jacket Potatoes.



1702 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   13th January 2017         



Alan Glover M. 07885186576 has sent through the 1st March 2017 price lists. As in previous years there is a price list for member that turnover under £200k here and the members that spend over £200k per annum will use this price list.


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says that: “I can confirm that Lantmannen will delay the ‘non-own label’ price increase to ‘deliveries from 6th February’ as requested”

I had tried for 1st March to put thin in line with Kara but she rejected that straight away but this date allows for a full months notice of the increase. Price list attached again.


Ministry of Cake – Sterling Caterers Essentials – Sponge Puddings

I noticed in The Grocer that Ministry of Cake has been taken over, article attached.



1701 Newsletter Frozen Foods –   6th January 2017         


Lantmännen Unibake UK Ltd

Debbie Paul M. 07800 527921 says: “I have attached the 2017 price file, as promised.


I have currently left the ‘Own label’ increase at 1% from 01st January, as per the information you already circulated to members previously. I will of course pass on all the comments of frustration from our discussion yesterday regarding the price changes requested after 2017 ‘own label’ sign off and I will come back to you regarding any changes for Q2-4.


The remaining prices have been updated, but the increase has been delayed until 30th January (deliveries) rather than 09th” Debbie is trying to get approval for a further delay until 6th February.



Alan Glover M. 07885186576 says: “Unfortunately due to rising costs, we have to amend our pricing into you from 1st March 2017. Please find attached revised prices from Kara, to be effective for all orders received from March 1st. The accompanying letter gives an explanation and background.”


Riva Foods

Marie Gawley M. 07889 182934 says : “My apologies, when reviewing the price list for 2017 I noticed a couple of errors, I have applied the butter increase to margarine products so these were increased higher than required.  I have now amended the SC067 and SCo69 and reduced the price in line with the margarine increase.


My apologies for this error, could you please advise the members of the attached revised price list with these reductions and I will amend members price files at our end.”


KK Fine Foods

Samir Edwards/ Jeremy Flashman.   Attached is a letter details a 3% across the board price increase effective from order placement date March 12th 2017.

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